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Featuring Felina and Laika
Spring, Year 759 of the New Age
Silver Vale, Silverthorne

The perolino doe was grazing, slowly inching away from the herd. Her plump sides made her move more at an awkward waddle typically, due to her narrow stature and the health of her fawn. She couldn’t have been happier as her pregnancy progressed. Her son grazed not far off, more interested in playing with other colts than worrying over his mother. Lifting her head, and smiling with warmth as the sun beat steadily down on her back, warming her pelt and skin the doe closed her eyes, allowing herself to simply feel.

The warmth pulsing from her heart, the center of her fire and magic, her little one moving in her belly, a feeble kick, the sun’s heat, and the gentle tickle of new grass around her legs- what more could a doe ask for? Her herd was well protected. The father of her unborn fawn was a strong soldier stag, and kept her safe- worrying often about her. She could still smell his scent on her from his last visit. She missed her love when he was away as always, but it wasn’t so bad when the doe felt uncomfortable and vulnerable away from her herd- but as her pregnancy grew the urge to leave and find a secluded place for her little one to be born was of increasing urgency, nagging at the back of her mind. Soon; the doe promised herself. For now, she could wait.

Looking over the herd, Fel smiled to herself. So many gifts came in unexpected ways, she hadn’t planned on having a fawn for a long time after her son.. and yet, here she was, waddling around- trying to keep track of him, and having found a mate she was encouraged by every day who brought a welling of hope to her life, as well as immense pride; watching her son grow bigger every day, into a stag of worth despite his blood. Yet she knew that with her little one on the way, he would have less and less supervision from her, and a nervousness filled her. Would Pharoah manage more mischief while she was away asking about his father? The doe could only hope not. She would not allow such fears to ruin her newfound happiness in family and herd; she’d even stopped wandering as much. Mother to be, Felina had true difficulty wandering too far at the moment to be entirely fair- but she had stopped technically. The polite doe was content to stick close to her thicket- which she intended to use for her birthing place, and close to her herd and stag. So many new friendships were forming, Fel couldn’t help but be thankful.
The soldier doe, Savayla- who helped her tame her inner fires, Ruibh her dark and beloved soldier and mate, Rhine had come back into her life- her first fawnhood friend, Skuldafn her king and new acquaintance, Aodhan her blessed adopted son of sorts, and her own blessed son of mixed blood returning to her- having given up on the quest to find his father on his own. She smiled around her, there was little more a doe could ask for in this life.


Spring had finally arrived. The majority of the birds had migrated back to the Western Isles and all of the critters scuttled about with more fervor than they’d have had in the cold time of winter. Offspring of all sorts were being born… Many fawns had already dropped this spring. Some, still had a ways to go before they could see the world.

Laika had conceived very late in winter, so it’d be late in summer before her fawn would arrive. Nevertheless, she could still feel the difference, even though she hadn’t even been pregnant for a full season yet.

She remembered the first time that she’d had these feelings, this change in mood and in body. It’d been last year, when she’d become in fawn to the noble King Skuldafn. She had never planned to have a fawn with the stag, but when she saved her life the wheels began to turn in her mind. Perhaps having a fawn with the King would help protect her from her enemy. She didn’t know how they felt about fawns, but maybe it’d be enough to stop them… Maybe if she stayed within the herd that would help as well. Maybe he wouldn’t want to risk getting caught if he came after her.

The palomino doe was resting at the edges of the Silverwood today, her eyes closed as she lay flat out on her side. She felt so relaxed, enjoying the sensation of the tall grass rustling beside her, the wind caressing her and whipping about her creamy hair. Today was a beautiful day and she couldn’t be more happy.


Fel noticed a particularly blessed doe lying on her side, showing signs of pregnancy- though no where near as extreme as Fel’s own massive baby belly. Smiling kindly, she took her time waddling over to the other doe, enjoying the sunshine. “Hello?” She called softly, gently, with warmth reverberating in her voice. The soon to be mother’s ears pricked forward attentively, the doe seemed oddly familiar to her, though Fel couldn’t place any such relation.

“How goes your day?” the doe asked, lowering her head to graze nearby, simply content to be in the companionship of another at the moment. Her fawn would be due any day now, as her heavily rounded sides revealed. Ruibh’s fawn was growing happy and healthy- giving no concern to Fel of it’s royal uncle. Shaking out her mane, the doe looked kindly at the other one, wondering how far along this doe was, and where her stag might have wandered off to. No doe ought to be left alone in the spring with so many new fawns being dropped- predators were happily stalking and lurking.

Though she had no room to comment on such activities as her own mate was about on other duties. Stretching her legs, the doe glanced at the soft, lush grasses cushioning the other pregnant doe’s golden body. “Would you mind if I laid here?” An embarrassed smile touched her cheeks, it was hard for Fel to get comfortable for long now, and often she got tired quicker and quicker, with the weight of her fawn added to her own muscles, often aches became hard to avoid. But the doe was filled with joy despite the little issues here and there.


Laika dozed off for a moment, half-way asleep and half-way awake. It was a peaceful state. She could hear all that was around her, but she still felt very at peace and was resting well, though she was slightly delirious.

That’s when a voice drug her out of her half-conscious state. It was the voice of a doe, calling out a greeting. Laika blinked a bit drowsily, pushing herself into an upright position to look at the strange doe.

The doe who called out to her was very large, obviously very far along in her pregnancy, with a beautiful perlino dun coat. She looked like a very kind doe and Laika smiled at her with greeting. “Hello!” she called back happily.

“Quite well, what about yourself?” the golden doe’s tail flicked about in the grass happily. She was excited to be talking to a fellow doe who was expecting, and to possibly make a new friend, or acquaintance in the least!

“Of course you can lay there!” the sandy-colored doe smiled warmly. “The grasses feel quite nice and cool today!” she grinned now. “Who’s the sire of your fawn, if you don’t mind my asking?” She was babbling now in her excitement, but she didn’t really care. She hoped the perlino doe didn’t care either.


Fel looked at her, smiling at the excited blessed doe who was so eager to speak. Carefully lowering her front knees, before lowering down her rump with extreme discomfort, before sighing and wiggling in the cool, soft grass. Turning to her, “I’m well- too plump to do much of anything besides such!” She chuckled with a protective maternal glance at her belly, before chuckling.

She smelled faintly familiar though. Almost like Ayden. The plump perlino couldn’t help but be amused by the excitement the other soon to be mother shared. The golden doe faintly hoped for a son, one of golden color like her own was. Without the tainted blood. Pharaoh seemed to grow with each passing day- colored similar to Fel’s own mother, she couldn’t help but see Juno watching over the little stag from where she rest with her father in Adhar’s kingdom.  Though lord knows Juno was probably trying to burn the poor thing to death to cleanse the curse he bore. A nervous thought nagged at the back of her head- what if Pharaoh and Ruibh were to not get along? Would the dark stag except the dark blooded colt?

Keeping such tumultuous thoughts in check, Felina smiled graciously, “Ruibh is the sire of the little one who keeps kicking so much. I do hope they’re ready to join the rest of the herd soon- I think they’ve ran out of room.” She continued amusedly, her long mane curling beneath her forelegs in silky curls, “And who would be the sire of your own?” Her words were gentle, turning and looking about wondering where her son had gotten off to now. Sighing, the doe tried her best not to worry about him too much. Afterall, he was getting of an age where he would wander and play- but come his fourth year; Fel would make it very clear that sexual maturity would mean nothing, for if he wished to remain intact he would retain celibacy.


Laika let out a little giggle. “I’m sure that I’ll be like that soon enough.” she said, long tail whisking across the ground with happiness. “Motherhood consists of a lot of fun and excitement, but a lot of discomfort too.” she said aloud thoughtfully, not really to the perlino dun, but more to herself.

“Oh,Ruibh!” she exclaimed with a smile. “He seems like such a kind stag, I’ve only met him once. Are you hoping for a hart or a hind? I myself am sort of wishing for a little girl, seeing as I have one colt already. But, as long as the baby is healthy it doesn’t really matter what gender it is to me. Health and happiness is all that matters.”

“Shouldn’t be long now, should it?” she questioned the perlino dun about her fawn. The doe certainly looked like she’d be dropping and giving birth at any moment now. Laika couldn’t wait for the moment that it was her turn.

The doe lifted her head proudly as the perlino asked her who he sire of her fawn was. “Soldier Ayden.” she said proudly, a big grin upon her golden face with happiness. This time last year and she never would’ve even thought that she and Ayden would be having a fawn together. But things had changed… a lot of things. Now she had discovered a new love- Ayden. She had dwelled in the past long ago, mourning over the non-existent relationship between herself and General Syn, her childhood friend and young lover. More than anything she’d mourned the loss of her first fawn…. It had died within her womb.

She had been in Blackwood when this happened, in the company of the Blackwood stag Hagen. How she missed Hagen. He had become a father to her, a gentle presence to help her through the dark times of her life.

He had done well. She couldn’t be more happy in this time of her life.


Felina’s lips curved upwards in an amused smile, “As I’ve had the chance to meet Ayden once as well. Ruibh is a very kind stag, and a powerful firewielder. I will be honored to have any fawn of any gender by him.” The doe smiled a distant, warm smile as her own thoughts dwelled in the thoughts and memories of she and Ru for a brief moment. Her dark soldier stag never ceased amazing her to her delight. “I have a son as well, but the herd can never have too many soldiers.” She murmured off handedly, almost to herself. Pharaoh would never get to be a soldier- as he was of no magical blood.. The darkness had put out the gift of Grian’s light in his poor soul..

Ears twitching backwards, she chuckled, “I can only hope it’ll be soon. I know the little one’s sire is eager to meet them, and I am as well. I miss being able to move faster than a waddle.” The perolino added with a mischievous smile, before asking, “You seem very proud- Ayden is a strong stag. I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful fawn, as you yourself are, no matter the gender.” Felina’s words were sincere and sweet as she spoke to the blessed doe. Ayden was a lucky stag to have a doe of such rich golden color in his harem this rut. From the appearance of Laika’s immediate happiness- Fel assumed the doe wouldn’t be leaving his harem any time soon either.

Sila; one of Ruibh’s other does was of golden color. Fel wondered if he would favor the other fawn over their own if it bore it’s mother’s golden coloring? Reaching her nose out, she touched the side of her belly contently, feeling a little kick as though demanding to be set free. Chuckling to herself, before turning warm blue eyes on her new friend, the soon to be mother laughed, “Either way, they never seem to stop moving.”

Love welled in her eyes for a moment, the excitement of being a mother, the adoration of her fawn and mate, Fel was proud to be a doe of the herd- despite her prior mistakes; she fully intended to make up for such frailty when she was younger.


Laika’s ears flicked forwards at the perlino dun doe. She had a son too? “I have a son as well!” she exclaimed,smiling widely. “He was last year, his name is Blayquinn. What is the name of your boy?” the doe’s long ears flicked about as she looked at the other pregnant doe, eyes wide. The doe had her complete attention.

She blushed slightly upon the other doe’s compliment. “I don’t care whether it’s pretty or not, as long as it’s healthy or not.” she smiled widely. “Some fawnlings tend to push their fawns too much to be something, like a soldier or a firebringer. In my opinion they should be allowed to do whatever they wish.” her face turned a bit red now with a blush of embarrassment. “Not that you shouldn’t encourage your fawn to do something.” she said, a bit humiliated at the fact that she could have offended the doe. Maybe she was trying to get her son to become a soldier.

Laika smiled warmly at the doe now. “I’m sure that your fawn will be a true beauty as well.” her long tail whisked across the grassy ground. “What is your name?” she questioned softly. “My name is Laika.”


“My name is Felina, but my son’s is Pharaoh. He’s two this year.” She murmured, tilting her head at the doe’s words. Choosing to avoid a potential disagreement on the subject of pushing their fawns to be anything, the pale soon to be mother smiled easily. “You are entitled to such an opinion.” Adjusting so her belly was more comfortable, Felina hoped she wouldn’t ask about Raoh’s father.

Switching the conversation, Felina smiled, “We have a peaceful time, beneath our new king. I’m pleased to see so many mothers expecting fawns, and so many new fawns stumbling around on new legs already.” Felina new of Skul, and had once made the mistake of actually running into her brother in law of sorts. He was Ruibh’s brother. Many things were changing beneath this new king, and it brought Fel joy to see the herd prospering so well beneath his reign. Hopefully her son would find a place amongst the herd when he came of age to, and might she and Ruibh’s unborn fawn find the same comfort Fel was growing accustomed to beneath Skuldafn’s rule.

Lying her head down, she stretched her legs, trying to get comfortable in the grass as she didso. Snorting softly to herself, the grass felt good, but her sides got in the way and before long she was hauling herself to her hooves again uncomfortably. Her baby couldn’t come too soon, Fel was excited to be able to hold still again. And to meet her little one of course, but this discomfort had it’s downsides as well.


Laika gave the pale doe a small smile, relieved that she hadn’t taken offense by her statement and that she didn’t want to continue the conversation and potentially cause an argument. She definitely didn’t wanted an argument, she rather liked this doe so far,she wanted to be her friend, not her enemy.

“Pharaoh is a very unique name.” she said, smiling softly. “You have a very pretty name as well.” Her ears flicked slightly with curiosity. “Who is Pharaoh’s sire? Ruibh too, or was he sired by someone else?” She was completely clueless to Felina’s discomfort about the matter.

Laika smiled softly at the heavily-pregnant doe, wanting to speak her own mind, but too afraid to. This would most definitely cause an argument. She did not agree with King Skuldafn’s latest decree. It kept the does in Silverthorne. They were being treated like objects, they had no free will in rut anymore. Silverthorne had never truly respected it’s does but this truly was the bottom line to Laika. She was fed up with the fact that she couldn’t do what she wanted anymore. Well, technically, she could. The only thing that she couldn’t do was travel anymore… Something she so badly wanted to do. She’d been hoping to see Hagen soon-after almost five years.


Felina’s head snapped up at the mention of Raoh’s father, her ears pressing against her neck, resisting the urge to bare her teeth at the poor doe who had unknowingly kicked a very sore spot on the doe mentally. Taking a deep breath, her voice turned cool and distant as she fought the panic gnawing at her heart strings. No one knew of Raoh’s sire, everyone had simply assumed it was a stag of the herd whom had no desire to raise his young. Pharaoh never acted based on his blood- Fel had made sure that he grew up with a proper, firm upbringing as her own mother had done with her. “Someone else. I do not wish to speak of his father, if you’ll excuse my rudeness. Whom was the sire of your son?” She asked politely, if not somewhat stiffly.

The heavily pregnant doe’s mind wandered for a moment. She could only imagine the herd’s reaction to her son’s blood, should they ever know. Craving to be alongside her mate, the doe tucked her own nose. The King’s decree would force her son into a position of compliance and misery when he was older, and for that Fel was guilty for she had conceived and allowed him to live. The doe had tried to burn him, tried so hard to bring fire from her heart to burn the black blooded halfling she’d born; but none came to her. Her pale son had wormed his way into her heart the moment he’d been born, sharing her own mother’s coat color. The perolino hadn’t been able to part with him. Raising him when he came of age would be difficult, and perhaps he would resent her- but it would be for the good of the herd.

Ruibh and her own’s child would bear only the purest of blood, and hopefully no taint from it’s mother’s mistakes. Skuldafn’s decree was for the safety and protection of the herd, and the doe saw no shame in such. Her ears swivelled, as she struggled to regain the contentment she had had only moments ago. Now her nerves hummed, and the desire to protect her babies was all she could feel coursing through her. Looking up at Laika, whom seemed so innocent, Fel hoped the other golden doe had taken no offense; but she could not risk the news of Raoh’s father and blood spreading throughout the herd.


Laika flinched away from her perlino companion as the doe’s head shot up and her ears pinned. Laika’s brown eyes lowered to the ground and her own ears flopped to the side submissively.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she exclaimed quickly, looking and sounding a bit edgy and nervous now. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you I-I wasn’t trying to pry! I was just curious, that’s all. I’m really sorry.” the sandy-coated doe stumbled over her words, thoroughly ashamed of herself.

She answered the doe’s question though. “King Skuldafn.” she said, smiling very slightly. “Blay acts a lot like him.” she flicked that long tail of hers across the ground. “I’m very, very proud of him.” she almost beamed, but piped down slightly, really not wanting to offend the perlino doe again.

(sorry lame post)


Fel quickly pushed away the coldness, before smiling warmly, “You’re lucky to have a son with such a good father. I’m proud of my son as well, though you must have been very lucky to have been courted by the king.” Her voice was warm and soothing, easy. As though she hadn’t been close to snapping at the doe for even asking about her son’s birth.

“Pharaoh’s a good colt, though he’s big for his age. Perhaps we’ll have to introduce them sometime.” Pushing forward, the perolino felt a pang of guilt over the way she had responded to her golden companion. The poor doe seemed so nervous and uncomfortable now, “I apologize about my rudeness.. Really.. It’s just a tender subject..” The soon to be mother assured her new friend. Reaching her tail out to touch her friend comfortingly, as though assuring her no real offense had been taken.

Smiling, the doe hauled herself to her hooves, “Would you care to accompany me for a walk?” she asked sweetly, hoping the doe would forgive her rudeness.


“Very lucky.” Laika said smiling slightly before she blushed slightly. “Well, I courted the King, rather.. He didn’t seem too intent and focused on claiming does this year. So I had to approach him about the manner. He was kind enough about it.”

“I think that would be awesome.” the palomino doe said, nodding in agreement. “I think that Blay would love to have another male friend.” she flicked her tail about slightly. “Oh no!” she exclaimed. “It was not your fault in the least, I shouldn’t have been prying. I don’t blame you for not wanting to throw all of your personal business out there.” The palomino let out a nervous little laugh. “I’m just nosy, that is all.” she smiled slightly to the perlino doe as she was tapped on the shoulder by the doe’s tail.

Watching the doe get to her feet Laika blinked slightly at her then beamed at the offer to
take a walk. “Oh, I’d love to!” she exclaimed, quickly hopping to her hooves then shaking her sandy-colored coat off.

Fel simply listened and continued to wander forward, smiling at her new companion. A friend with so much energy would bring no harm, the pearly colored doe hoped. Afterall, she seemed of a good, kind disposition. Ambling forward peacefully, the pair of pregnant does made for a familiar sight among Silverthorne she was sure. “Good, one day soon Raoh will have to have a play date with him then.” She smiled kindly.

Fel would do her best to welcome any and all friendships- afterall, the herd was there for one another. “Tell me more of your son, and of your growing little one if you wish.” Fel asked softly, tail
swaying as she peacefully moved into the tall grasses, Laika in tow. Little did she realize just how closely associated they all were. How things seemed to twine together like a spider web in the grand scheme of things- one day they would all cross paths.
Chubby buddies
Word count: 4000+

Year 760 of the new age, Spring
featuring Felina| Doe | Herd Member and Laika|Doe|Wanderer
Silvervale, Silverstone

Shoutout to Hayley for such an interesting rp <3
And shoutout to everyone who took the time to read our walls of text!

Family Isn't All About Blood

Featuring Felina, Ruibh & Pharaoh

Late Winter, Year 759 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Silver Vale

The thought that being a father was going to be a ton of work hadn’t crossed his mind, but the realization was fast approaching him.  His does hadn't yet given birth, but he was already running himself ragged trying to keep them safe and comfortable. Luckily, rut had been slowly coming to an end.  The majority of does had come in fawns and the ones that weren’t in fawn were coming out of heat.  This meant that patrols had been decreased.  More time could be spent watching over his harem, and less lurking around the outskirts on patrol.  

Time management wasn’t always the easiest to work out now, having a handful of does to watch over had become a chore.  It probably would have been easier if they choose to stay together but does never choose easy.  I might have to take a break next season, he thought to himself.

He took turns spending his night with the ones that wanted him around.  Still visiting the other during the day. Already having visited Nara, he sought out Felina.  He didn’t admit it to the other but she was his favorite.  Assuming she would be resting, he walked immediately inside.  She wasn’t there.  His eyebrow raised, “Fel?”  She should be resting, she was starting to show the first signs of being with fawn.  

“Dear Ahdar, please don’t let this be another day of chasing Blackwoods...” He muttered to himself.

Fel had wandered away from her thicket, merely intending to stretch her legs. Feeling the winter winds blowing about her, the doe shivered slightly, her mane wrapping itself around her legs in tangles. Giving a little hop, the doe shook off the snow from her coat with a little buck, shaking her mane away from the little droplets of snow and lifting her head high, puffing out little clouds of warm breath. The pale mother to be wondered where Ru was? Probably with his other does she assumed. Just beginning to show, the round edges of her tummy were a different feeling to being as limber as she was used to. Fast typically, the doe stretched her hind legs, attempting to ease some of the discomfort of her back.

Looking around, the doe felt a moment of frivolity- and a bit of excitement at an unusually tender looking up cropping of grasses from beneath the icy crust.  Without a second thought, the doe loped towards it at an easy pace, enjoying the stretch on her back and legs, shaking her head and giving another little leap/buck before skidding to a halt through the icy crust near the grass and prancing towards it, tail flagging before lowering her head to pull her head to lip at the tender shoots.

Her pregnancy had been a gift from the gods to the doe, and it kept her closer to the herd than usual- to Ru’s pleasure of course. Though on nights he wasn’t with her, she missed him. Fel refused to group up with his other does however. However stubborn that might be, the doe enjoyed her own thicket where she knew it was safe, warm and private to her. Lifting her head with a shiver, feeling the cold nipping at her heels, she sneezed suddenly, a small burst of fire escaping her as she did and a small shiver touching her spine and coat as the doe cautiously looked around.

His nose lifted to the air, the scent of his mate quickly drawing his eyes to her.  The quickly expanding doe bounced around the icy field near her thicket.  He trotted over to join her, keeping his eyes locked on her lovely figure.  He found the sight of all his doe’s expanding with fawns, he found he had much more desirable for them as they grew.  He had never felt more virile than he had at the sight of his does carrying the young, his young, in their bellies.  

The pace he had set came to a standstill as he spotted the pale doe bounce, allowing herself to slide across the icy ground.  His eyes grew wide with fear, immediately his feet carried him to her side, “Felina!” He shouted trying to get her attention.

He tried to calm himself, he didn’t want to yell at the doe in her state, “Do you think it’s best that you play on the ice?  What if you were to fall? Hurt yourself? Our son?”  He shook his head, “I mean fawn.”  It wasn’t any secret that he wish for a son.  He would be happy with a daughter, if she were happy and healthy, but what stag didn’t wish for a son to carry on his legacy.


The pale doe turned to look at the dark stag, ears flicking back in bewilderment as he shouted her name. The mother to be tilted her head, a spark of fire lighting for a moment, before she tucked her nose, and respectfully cowed such anger. How could he suggest she didn’t know to handle her pregnancy? Did he not trust her to handle their young?

Felina took a deep breath at his words.  “Do you think it’s best that you play on the ice?  What if you were to fall? Hurt yourself? Our son?” Shaking his head, the dark stag quickly added, “I mean fawn.” Ruibh wanted for a son so badly, Fel feared to bring a daughter into this world. Would he still love their fawn if it wasn’t a son? Or of golden coat? Turning, ears flattening against her neck she tried to look at the positives. At least he cared about her safety and their unborn fawns.

Looking at the stag whom’s fawn she carried, she couldn’t deny her feelings for him. He was incredibly busy, Fel reminded herself. But the doe couldn’t live her life hiding in a thicket, could she? And with Raoh around.. Fel still wasn’t sure how to bring her son up. A sharp sting of guilt reprimanded her as she lowered her head, her mane sweeping over the pale dusting of snow.

“I wouldn’t ever risk our fawn, Ru.. But you’re often busy, with your harem. And with my son exploring now, I cannot hide away in my thicket all day. What would you have me do?” Fel looked at him, tone and eyes gentle. A small smile touched her, and with a shy dignity the perolino curled her tail around her to protectively curl around her side. “I’m sorry if such playing is undignified.. I was excited..” A look of sheepish excitement and warmth spread over Fel’s expression, the thought of being a mother brought more energy to the doe- despite the aches and care with which she had to handle little ones and pregnancy.

Felina was still uncertain of many things, but she knew that Ruibh meant well, and somehow, she knew of his feelings for her, though not to what extent, nor could she. And she hoped he too, understood her own feelings. The excitement over her little one, all the knew experiences and all the familiar. It brought joy to her, to see her son bounding with excitement over the thought of a little sibling. Although Raoh had yet to meet Fel’s beloved yet, Felina hoped only for the best of the meeting when it would come.

He couldn’t say that the explanation she gave didn’t cause him to feel guilt, it was overwhelming, “I’m sorry.  I know you would never hurt our fawn.  I - care for you very much.  You and this fawn are everything.  I just do not want something to happen to either of you.”  He touched his nose the the pale does, “Truly, I apologize.  I do not want to be one of those stags that is always forcing my does to do what I wish them to.  I sometimes forget that I am not my father, nor to I wish to be. I beg you, please just be care.”

The mention of the doe’s secret halfling son brought up a conversation he had been wishing to have with the doe.  He had yet to meet the youngling, though he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t.  He HAD spent much time with the doe, it was as if she hide him away.  Though, he wouldn’t blame her.  No need to have the young buck be burned, not blessed with any sort of fire protection, she worried for him.  He knew that.

“While we are on the subject, when do you think I can meet your son.  Don’t you think it’s time?”  He offered a soft smile, “I am not like others in the herd.  I care about you, I will do my best to do the same for your son.  To help protect him.”

Fel smiled at his words, touching her own nose against his adoringly. The doe gently nuzzled at his cheek, “You would force me to do nothing, love. And I’m aware of such. You do not need to be anyone but yourself- but I will take more care in the future.” She promised. The perolino’s ears went back as she looked at her mate. Her son.. Raoh was often nearby, but Fel had never wanted Ru to well.. dislike him and create discontent. Uncertainty filled her eyes for a heartbeat. What would the dark stag think of her little one? Well, for his age, Pharaoh was actually large. But even so, the pale doe looked at him. Taking a deep breath, with some reluctance she added, “Whenever you wish to meet him. Pharaoh is a good colt.. I agree, it’s past time you met him.” Lowering her nose, the Fel was filled with nerves. What if it was all some sort of a trick? What if Ruibh detested her son? “If you’d like we can leave now to meet him.. He’s out in one of the meadows where the snow has yet to be touched, not far from here.”

Normally polite and quick to please, for once, Fel hesitated. Nerves writhed in her stomach like worms, and she tried to ease the sensation of dread. Raoh had no protection from the fires. All Ru had to do was light one, even a little one, and her son could end up mutilated. Ears pressing back against her neck for a brief moment, the soon to be mother steeled herself. “I-I would like your word, that you will not bring him any harm.” She murmured, nose tucking to her chest. “Our little one means the world to me, and although it is blessed to have Grian’s gift. My son is not. And I could not bring myself to burn him at birth..” Looking away for a long moment, the doe leaned her shoulder against Ruibh’s, tucking her nose and cheek against his neck, twining her tail with his.

Fel always felt safe with Ru, but even now- the thought of harm coming to her little one, or disappointment from Ru- terrified her. Even her polite and gentle nature couldn’t mollify the growing nerves.

The young colt tossed his head, bucking and slashing his forehooves wildly as he bounded through the snow. His Momma had finallllllyyyy agreed to let him go tromp in the untouched fallen snow! Snorting, tall colt huffed out a cloud of fog, bright brown eyes looking around keenly. His black mane was flecked with white snow, and his golden pale coat shone brightly. Momma had said not to stray too far.. but what were the limits of tooooo far? Ears swivelling, Pharaoh wondered where his mother was.

Afterall, a young buck had to protect the does of the herd. And she was carrying around his baby sibling somewhere- she said as much. Prancing about, the tall colt wondered when the pale doe he was so proud to call his mother would start to teach him of fire and being a soldier? All the other colts said their fathers did as much- teaching them about the responsibilities of a stag, and of carrying Grian’s legacy! But.. Raoh didn’t have a father, at least not one that he knew of.

The young colt liked to imagine his father being a strong stag, a fierce fighter, proud, winning his momma’s heart, and protecting the herd. But everytime he asked his mother, she shook her head, and said it made no difference now, and that he was being rude. Raoh sighed, before turning and promptly plopping down into the snow for a good roll. Fawn angels- as his mother laughingly called them. Tucking his legs beneath him, he sneezed and sprang forward. Normally his Momma would come and play with him, but with all the snow- she wouldn’t allow for him to wander too far to go play with the other colts. Hopefully she’d come home soon, the colt wanted to play! Maybe she’d even let him lay with her in the embers, like all the other fawns did with their mommas.


He knew the herd’s rule, all born without fire were to be pushed out, shunned.   While he agreed that the fireless shouldn’t be allowed to stay in this place, he felt it was wrong to push a defenseless fawn from it’s mother when it wasn’t capable of defending itself.  The sadness in the does eyes broke his heart, he couldn’t imagine how hard it probably was for her to even ask such a request of him.  

He knew she trusted him and his word, he would give a promise freely, “I promise I will never cause any harm to your son.”  It was the truth.  He wouldn’t hurt the lad, he couldn’t stop another in the herd from doing so much if they wished it, especially at the king’s orders.  But he would try his best to protect him, if for nothing but to keep Felina happy.

“Now would be acceptable. Lead the way, my love.”


Fel nodded, listening to Ruibh’s words.. Reaching out she nuzzled at his cheek uncertainly, before turning and ambling towards her own thicket. Her hooves seemed heavy to her, ladden with fear. Steadying herself, thinking only of the dark stag whom she knew so well and trusted beyond belief. Ru wouldn’t break his word to her. She believed in him.

Crunching the snow beneath her hooves, tail curling and fanning out behind her, dragging silky tendrils in the snow. As they reached her thicket, her ears flattened against her neck nervously. Blue eyes scanned the snow, as her ears perked up hopefully. Then she saw the tall colt rolling in the snow. Choppy black mane and tail standing out against the purity of the white snow. Raoh’s otherwise pale coat flecked with white markings so similar to her own, a small smile touched her features as she watched her son spring forward and leap through the snow playfully. Had he been Ruibh’s son.. Fel shook her head ashamed of such thoughts. His mane marked him for the tainted creature he was. Despite his blood though, none of the herd would ever know such news if the doe could help it.

“Pharaoh, come here. I have someone I would like for you to meet.” Her voice carried over the otherwise empty field, it broke her heart to see her son’s head whip up hopefully. Bounding over, kicking up snow. Already he had wide, strong shoulders that plowed through the snow drifts as he pranced over excitedly. Pausing, the colt sized up the new stag, and Fel frowned nervously as her son’s brown eyes scanned this new fellow of a dark coat. The mother hoped desperately that her son wouldn’t jump to the conclusion, the dream he nursed of a soldier for a father. Reaching out, the doe protectively stepped alongside her son so that he was alongside her forelegs, with her neck draped protectively over his back.

Fel took a moment to lovingly bump her son’s cheek with her nose, smiling gently as she wiped away traces of snow. “Snow fawns?” The whispered joke between the pair brought a bright, mischievous grin to her son’s features that lightened her fears. Turning to the soldier hopefully, her ears pricked forward. “Ruibh, this is my son Pharaoh.” Lifting her head slightly, tail furling anxiously. “He’s to be your little sibling’s father, Raoh.” She added softly to her son, looking at Ruibh, ears up, neck arched gracefully. Even when pregnant, the doe carried herself well. And her manners had rubbed off onto her son, to Fel’s pride. Nudging her son’s shoulder, gaging each male’s reaction to the other with anticipation.


The soldier followed his mate, he wouldn’t admit it to the pale doe but he was nervous.  He hadn’t ever met a crossbred fawn, not one that wasn’t grown and he wasn’t chasing from the vale.  Felina led him to a snow covered meadow near her thicket, in the center dark legs flopped from side to side.  The young colt perked his head up, hearing their hooves crunching on the hardened snow.  

The colt shun with the color of the blessed.  He couldn’t understand how the gods could bless a magicless crossbred with such a color but not himself.  For a moment he felt jealousy, but quickly put it to the back of his mind.  It was ridiculous to be threatened by a buck.

Feline tenderly touched her nose to her son’s cheek, offering him a smile as she spoke, “Ruibh, this is my son Pharaoh.”

Ruibh offered the colt a tip of his antlers, “Pharaoh,  I am Ruibh. I-”  He found himself wishing to make a good impression on the young stag, “I really care for your mother.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He cleared his throat before giving a small laugh at the snow that still covered the colt’s head, “I see you were making snow fawns.  My sisters and myself used to make those every winter.” He lowered his head and whispered to the colt, “Mine were always the best.  Maybe we can give each other some tips.”


Looking up at the dark stag who tipped his antlers, Raoh sized him up uncertainly. Dark of coat, but he seemed kind. “I see you were making snow fawns. My sisters and myself used to make those every winter.” Lowering his head, he added in a whisper, “Mine were always the best. Maybe we can give each other some tips.” The pale coated colt blinked up at the stag hopefully, before glancing at his Momma. Maybe he wasn’t so bad- he said he cared about Momma a lot. Raoh cared about Momma a lot too, and he liked seeing his Momma happy.

Pharaoh nodded, looking up at the soldier and smiling. “Okay.” Pausing a moment, and pondering, he wondered about this new stag before adding, “Momma says mine always turn out the best. But I wanna teach my little brother-” “Or sister.” Fel added gently, and an abashed Pharaoh continued, “Or sister, to make them too!” Eagerly, he glanced up at Ruibh. “Are you a soldier?” He asked curiously, tail flagging out behind him as he grinned up at the much larger stag. Bouncing forward playfully, the colt pranced forward through the thick snow, head high, and announcing, “When I”m all grown up and big, I wanna be protect the herd!”

Maybe the new dark coated stag would let him tag along on patrols. Or play with him. Momma couldn’t play very much with his baby sibling still in the way, but Pharaoh didn’t much mind that. She seemed happy to be with fawn, and she seemed to like this stag an awful lot. But Raoh would still protect his Mommy- even if this soldier was around.


Watching the pair of males, Fel began to relax. Smiling gently, watching as her son darted forward eagerly pronouncing his intentions of protecting the herd. Looking at Ruibh lovingly, the doe ambled over to stand beside the stag and twine her tail through his. Touching her nose to his shoulder and glancing up from beneath her lashes, the doe couldn’t recall being more relieved. So far, her son seemed to accept the strange new stag- if not somewhat protective and uncertain. No obvious animosity or mistrust lingered.

The result was more of exhaustion than Fel had expected to feel. Perhaps it was her pregnancy, perhaps it was the nerves and stress of the situation, but the relaxation had had such a soothing effect on the pregnant doe her eyes were half veiled with exhaustion. “Pharaoh, mind your manners.” She added gently, watching her son struggle through the deep snow.

She hoped so that she would be able to give Ruibh the son he wanted, but moreso, she hoped that he would accept her son. They had plenty of time to try for more fawns after her current pregnancy, afterall. “Thank you.” She whispered to Ruibh, “For giving him a chance, for giving both of us a chance.” Her voice was soft, laced with affection and genuine gratitude. The doe didn’t know where she would be without him, to say the least.
Family isn't all about blood
Word Count: 3510

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In which Ru worries about Fel, Fel worries about Raoh, and Raoh meets Ru!

Year 759 of the New Age, Late Winter
Featuring Ruibh | Stag | Silverthorne Soldier ,Felina| Doe | Herd Member , and Pharaoh | Colt | Herd Member
SilverVale, Silverthorne

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Today I got the phone call I'd been dreading. One of the most amazing horses I've had the chance to work with had been ill.
The decision to put him down had been made officially. 
Oz and I have worked together for close to 4 years, he took me from Academy to Country pleasure showing. He was there to work with me when I bought my first horse. 
He went Western, Saddleseat, and Huntseat and even know some dressage. 
I nursed him back to health even when everyone else was giving up on him
We had countless nights spent laughing, and countless days spent together. 
He was in my senior pictures from highschool, helped me through an incredibly negative relationship by simply being oz, gave me confidence in myself again and taught me so much about myself
There may never be another horse like him in my life again,
and I feel like my world's shattering
But I'm grateful I had the opportunity to know and work and love such an amazing horse. 

Easily my best friend, the most amazing partner, and one of the most important things of my life
he will be missed greatly
Featuring Rhinestone and Felina
Autumn Year 752 of the New Age
Silver Vale, Silverthorne 

The pale doe had never known anything like the confusion the news she had just received. Her ears were flattened against her neck, fear coursing through her. Daddy wouldn’t just disappear and leave them would he? The perlino filly had grown, she was long legged, with a grace about her already despite her young age. Her mane was a short crop of wavy curls now, and her tail feathers were already long for her age. Where was Rhi? He would know what to do, wouldn’t he? Loping towards the herd, ears pricked and looking for the familiar dark coat of her fawn hood friend.

The little hind was built tall, and delicate. Breathing in all the scents, confusion hit her. She was too young to fully understand what the fall brought, but old enough to understand her older friend would be off chasing does. Rolling her eyes, she pranced around for a moment, trying to pinpoint his scent. More concerning, was her mother’s reaction. Her golden mother had never blinked in the face of scary situations- but.. the news of the massive stag that was her father going missing? Juno had crumpled to the ground, just silently staring away as though her world had just shattered. The doe had only turned dead eyes on her daughter to smile weakly, “Daddy’s just on a special patrol is all..” She had assured the young hind.

Fel’s heart raced, Rhine always made her feel better. Ears forward, the little hind stopped a hoof. She wanted to play and forget and pretend that Daddy was just on a patrol! Her mother had told her to tell no one; and so the little hind would obey as she had been taught to do. But news spread fast in this herd, even with rut in full swing- little did the filly know. Ears pricking with excitement as she saw her dark coated friend prancing for some other young does, and the little hind bounded over, “Rhine!” She called, hopeful blue eyes locked on him. Her childish voice was happy, excited- already masking her despair and fear over her father. Tail flagged out, unaware of what she was interrupting, she danced over.


This autumn had brought changes about Rhine that he hadn’t even known would happen. He’d filled out, no longer that little lanky thing with ribs poking out of his sides and hip-bones slightly showing.

The lankiness was replaced by muscles, which quickly began to cover his ribs and hide his hip bones. He’d lost his scraggly look, his chest and belly hair growing long, his once stubbly little beard growing out. His coat didn’t look ragged anymore, it’d taken on a slick sheen. He’d begun to be attracted by the does, more than he had before, and they seemed to be more attracted to him.

The way he understood it was that this year, his 5th year, was the age that he could sire fawns, causing his appearance to change and his hormones to run wild.

So, that’s what he was doing this fine autumn day. Out prancing around for the girls, even though he had no desire to sire any fawns as of yet. He just felt like flirting. It was his favorite game.

He had the complete and total attention of the two does that he was flirting with. They were two beautiful pale does, with shiny coats and long manes and tails. They were watching him prance about. One of them looked thoroughly impressed, as if she was about to approach him and talk to him. The other looked somewhere in the middle, glancing from Rhine to another, paler colt off to the right a little ways, who was also trying to capture the attentions of the does.

Rhine let out a low snort at the pale buck, ears pinning to his skull. What the heck was he doing, trying to steal his thunder!? Letting out another snort, this one louder, he raised himself up onto his hind-legs, forehooves pawing at the sky.

One of the fillies approached, a soft smile upon her lips. She was impressed. Rhine couldn’t help but be drawn in by the soft sheen of her coat and the length of her creamy eyelashes. With a satisfied snicker the dark buck let gravity take him back to the ground, forehooves landing with a dull thud.

He opened his mouth, about to start saying sweet nothings to the beautiful doe, but was abruptly interrupted as someone called his name. He recognized that voice automatically, he’d been around Felina enough to memorize her coat and her voice.

The dark buck’s ears lopped to the sides. Oh, great timing Fel. The doe he had been wooing was looking at him questioningly, though she said nothing.

“Hello.” he called to Felina, watching his friend bound over to him. “How are you… Sis?” he cut his eyes towards the pale doe he’d been flirting with, making sure that she knew that he and Felina weren’t a thing. Besides, Fel was only three.

Fel skidded to a halt, frowning at the does he was attempting to woo. Glancing at Rhinestone, her ears pressing against her neck. Looking at the other doe, the small perlino hind felt suddenly small and immature. “You promised we could play today..” Her voice was soft, sad. A look of uncertainty and shyness touched the little filly, looking at her bigger friend- his ears lowering as though she had just made the intrusion of the century. “You shouldn’t lie, Momma’ll get mad at you.” Fel felt low for wielding Juno as a threat, especially when her mother was so frail.. but.. Rhine ought not to lie! And she knew Rhi had always been uncertain about the pale mother Fel loved so.

“We were waiting for Daddy to get back from patrol..” She mumbled, her ears lowering, trying to act as though nothing were wrong. Maybe if the pale filly was careful- they could just play, no questions, no need to worry! But, Felina knew Rhinestone was so accustomed to her, and she to him, eventually he would know something was amiss. Her bright blue eyes were wide and innocent, looking up at the dark young stag with trust and hope. The leaves had just begun to fall, and they swirled around them. “If you’re too busy…” Her frown was deep, and filled with worry.

Her tail began to furl and unfurl anxiously, wondering where she would go. She hadn’t meant to interrupt him. The pale female began to turn away, “Sorry..” Felina added, looking at the pretty, tall does. All in their prime, ready to be fought over and enjoying the attentions of all the young bucks- Rhine was old enough to participate in all the fun afterall.. Though Fel didn’t think it was very fun herself.. She just wanted to go find her Daddy and snuggle up next to him, and bring him home to Momma, so she could be happy again!

Her best friend since early fawnhood was busy, she shouldn’t interfere should she? What would the mighty firebringer that was her mother say?


Rhine glanced at the pale doe that he’d been flirting without shame with. She looked a bit irritated, as if she wanted the perlino nuisance at the stag’s side to go away. Rhine wanted to continue with his flirting and wooing of the doe, but.. but Felina was more important. ‘Sorry’ he mouthed to the doe, turning to Felina now and smiling softly. “You don’t have you use your mother as a threat, Fel.” he said with a low laugh. “I wasn’t trying to lie to you, I was just entertaining myself while waiting for you to get here.”

Rhine didn’t really remember telling Felina that he would play with her today, but it didn’t matter. Felina was important to him. She always came first. “I’m not too busy, Fel.” the silver blood bay buck said sweetly, his tail tapping gently on her side. “I’m never too busy for you.” His ears flicked back slightly and his expression changed from sweet and loving to neutral once again. “So.” he said. “Your father is still out on patrol?” he questioned. That seemed a bit odd… From what he could tell the soldiers usually went  out on patrol early in the mornings so they’d get back and be able to spend the rest of the day with their families.. But they were already well into the afternoon… What was taking the stag so long?

Rhine frowned deeply, but quickly covered it up. Did Felina know and understand that something could be wrong? He could tell that she was upset, even though she didn’t completely show it. He knew her more than anyone, besides her family of course, and she knew him better than anyone too. She knew him better than his family… She even knew him better than his own beloved sister Meena.

“No, don’t go!” he exclaimed as Felina turned away. He quickly bounced forward to catch up with her. “Come on, lets go play something. What do you want to play? Tag? Hide-and-go-Seek? Blackwoods-n’-Soldiers?” he winced slightly at his own unintentional words. He shouldn’t have mentioned the last game, not with Felina’s father missing.

“Nevermind… How about we just go for a little walk?”


Fel’s ears dropped as he mentioned Blackwoods and Soldiers. Daddy was along the Blackwood border he said today, her father had smiled at her when he left this morning, laughing and nuzzling her forehead telling her not to worry and that he’d be home soon and he loved her. Looking at the stag that bounced alongside her,  the younger filly swished her tail uncertainly. “A walk sounds nice.. Momma’s not.. not feeling well.” Her mouth felt dry and her tongue felt heavy as it rolled over the little lie. Rhine didn’t need to know the devastated state Momma had crumbled into. Other does had come to console her, assuring her that the large soldier would be back soon.

Smiling sweetly, Fel was unaware of all the changes going on around her. Juno was grooming her into a fine specimen of a Silverthorne doe, and already soldier stags were beginning to notice the little hind. Soldiers’ sons inquired after her, asking for play dates and for walks. The small, delicately built filly brushed it all off. Rhine was her best friend- she didn’t need anyone but him, afterall. Bumping his cheek with her forehead, her peach fuzzy mane had begun to turn to silky curls. “Thanks for agreeing to come along.. Sorry for using Momma..” Her ears lowered guilty as she glanced up at him from under her lashes.

Suddenly, a mischievous, almost unlike Felina smile touched her as she bolted forward, tail flagging out as she raced forward, kicking up clods of dirt as she raced forward. Feeling the heat of the sun radiating down on her back, reminded of Grian and of the gods who protected them, the perolino couldn’t help but laugh delightedly as she ran to escape her thoughts and fears, the nerves that roiled in her stomach like worms in the earth. No! She would have a nice day with Rhine, he wouldn’t ever let anyone hurt her. He’d keep all the bad things away.

And then the filly noticed the heavy set stag ambling towards her, his rack lowered as he looked at her. His pelt was covered in old cuts and scars, his voice rattled and shook the ground like thunder. Authority went without question, a soldier. “Felina. Come here, little one. Your mother sent me to get you.” His voice was a rusty rumble. The stag cast a glowering glance at Rhinestone, “If this riff raff is bothering you, young miss, I can send him away.” Giving a protective toss of his antlers, the older stag snorted. Lowering her ears, Fel watched the familiar stag. He’d been one of daddy’s best friends. Lowering her head, the little doe glanced at Rhine, and loyally went to the soldier of a chestnut coat. “He’s my friend, sir.. Is everything alright? Where’s momma?” She asked, her eyes round as globes.

Her heart thrummed, dropping to her belly. Why was he getting her? Where was her Mommy? The stag lowered his head to gently touch Fel’s forehead, pain and sorrow welling deep in his eyes. “Your daddy isn’t coming home little one..” Just like that, her whole world seemed to be shattering. The little filly shook her head, ears flattening against her neck. “No, no! He’ll be home later today! You don’t understand- he promised!” Fel bleated back to the stag, scrambling backwards, tears welling up in her eyes. Fel couldn’t imagine a day without her Daddy. His laugh echoing, playing and frolicking with her, snuggling down for an afternoon nap in the sun, walking to the Winterflame.. No.. He couldn’t be! “You’re lying!” She shouted, turning to her friend desperately, insisting, “He’s lying! Daddy’s going to come back home! He has to!” Desperately, the little filly clung to the hope, it was all just a bad dream.


Rhinestone frowned slightly at her. “I would say not, but I’m sure that she’ll be ok when your father gets home.” Atleast, he was hoping that he would come home… But, he would try to soothe and comfort Felina the best that he could, even if he didn’t know what was to come. “She’s probably just very worried about him.” He glanced down at the perlino filly, frowning once again. Never before had he seen her so darn upset and distraught.. It made him feel upset and distraught. Felina had always been the sunshine in his life- besides his sister Meena- and she always brightened up his day. She was his sunshine, even when clouds darkened the sky and thunder rolled in the distance.

“It’s ok.” he said, smiling softly at her as she apologized for using her mother as a threat. “You were just afraid I’d turn you away, that’s all.” the dark buck’s tail swished slightly and he looked rather amused. He opened his mouth- about to say something to her, but didn’t get the chance, for she took off, digging those little hooves of hers into the ground and shooting off like a rocket. Rhine looked after her in surprise before quickly bounding forwards after her. Man, she was fast! He was older and bigger, with longer strides,and he was beginning to catch up with due to this only, but he was rather impressed. They’d both grown so much since they’d met three years ago.

Suddenly Fel came to a stop and Rhine slammed on the ‘brakes’ himself, skidding through the dirt, letting out a rebellious “whoop whoop!!!!” as he sprayed dirt, torn grass, and rocks every where. When the colt straightened up he let out a loud laugh. “Hey, did you see that, Fel!? I just totally….” his words dropped off into nothingness as he saw the large stag moving towards them. He fell completely silent and still, not being able to help the feeling of dread that settled inside his gut. Something was wrong… He could tell by the look on the big stag’s face.

When the stag called him a riff-raff his ears slicked right against his skull. Who was this big slug calling a riff-raff!?!?!??! The blood bay colt let out a loud snort of disapproval, opening his mouth to snap out a defensive retort along the lines of “I may be a riff-raff but at least I don’t have an ugly face like yours.” However, he was stopped when Felina said that he was her friend. That made him hush up.

Rhine’s face fell at the stag’s words. Felina’s sire wasn’t coming home… Never. His stomach dropped and his head lowered. Poor Felina… He said absolutely nothing at first, hoping that she would just accept it, even though he knew she was going to be upset… But, no she did what he’d prayed not for her to do… She swung around towards him, tears welling in her normally bright blue eyes-which were oh so dark now- and spilling down her little cheeks. She insisted that the old stag was lying… But… Rhine knew he wasn’t.

“Felina…” the dark stag said softly, stepping towards her, unsure whether to embrace her or not. “Fel, I’m so sorry…”

“Felina… Fel, I’m so sorry..” Rhine said, stepping towards her. He believed the old stag? But Daddy never broke his promises- Momma said so! Real stags never did! Scrambling backwards, Fel shook her head desperately- running square into the old stag’s solid legs and pitying eyes. “Little one.. Your Daddy is with the gods now.. “ His voice boomed. Whimpering, the filly shook her head. “He can’t be gone..” Her voice trembled and cracked as she stared down at the ground. Her tears fell in little droplets, spattering the dusty and leaf littered ground. Looking between the two stags, shame filled her heart. Mommy wouldn’t want her to be crying in front of anyone. She was a filly of Silverthorne, with the blood of fire purely in her veins. No daughter of Grian should reject such a soldier’s word. Felina would uphold her heritage, and make her Mommy and Daddy proud!

Lifting her head, sniffling and trying her best to push her tears away the youngster tried her best to brave. “C-Can you take us to my mother, sir?” The gods should be honored to have such a stag among them, the filly was certain. Looking at Rhine, with pain and tears bright in her eyes, she took a step, tucking her head beneath his in a brief embrace. Her smaller frame trembled as she stepped away and looked towards the larger, older stag who watched her so carefully. “Of course. I promised your father I would look after you, Miss Felina.” The stag rumbled, turning and beginning to amble towards Juno’s den. Looking at Rhine, Fel tried a brave smile. “Maybe it’s all just a bad dream, maybe we’ll wake up soon. I don’t like this dream very much, Rhi. But at least you’re here, right?”

Lowering her head, the little filly tried her best to hide the pain that writhed away in her heart. Smiling sadly at Rhinestone, her dark coated friend, and tucking her nose neatly to her chest as her mother had taught her. It was all just a bad dream. That was the only thing this could be. She would wake up, and Daddy would be home and smiling, blocking out the sun and laughing with Mommy. They were lying! It had to be some sort of test from the gods, it had to be! Their gracious god Adhar would never take such a strong, wonderful Daddy so soon would he? Fel’s little body trembled with fear and sorrow barely contained, and listless blue eyes watched the familiar path as they walked it. Her tail absently twined with Rhine’s- reaching out to the only thing she could feel was real right now. When was she going to wake up?


Rhine’s deep, dark brown eyes lowered to the floor. He didn’t want to look at her like this. His heart hurt for her and he desperately longed to help her… But, there was nothing he could do. He could only watch her suffer. He couldn’t bring her daddy back for her. The dark young buck nudged the filly softly. “He’s right, Felina. I’m really sorry… But, he has been chosen by Adhar to come home early. It means he’s needed in Adhar’s domain. That’s a high honor, Fel.” He licked her cheek gently, trying to comfort her. “I know it hurts, but just think of all the fun times you had with your father. Think of all the beautiful memories. Be thankful for the time you had with him” Rhine couldn’t help but feel a small pang of….jealousy? He choked it back down though. He shouldn’t be jealous… It was just that Felina had had such a great father that truly loved her...and he was stuck with a possessive control freak of a sire that’d rather kick him in the face than give him a loving nuzzle.

He fell silent when she asked to be taken to her mother then quickly followed suit. He dreaded what he was about to see. Juno would be, no doubt, devastated. He wondered what it must be like to have that kind of love for another… To think that a bond could be strong is incredible…and when that bond was broken.. so were hearts. Rhine smiled sadly at Fel as she said that it could maybe just be a bad dream. It wasn’t a bad dream… But, he didn’t say that to her. “I’ll always be here, Felina.” he said softly, not minding as she intertwined her tail with his. He just walked alongside her, supporting her every second of the way.


Fel trudged behind the older stag, head tucked neatly to her chest. She was crying silently, but acting as if the tears weren’t real. Rhi was right- Adhar’s domain was an honorable place to be- but her Daddy didn’t need to be there right now, he needed to be with her and Momma. The chestnut stag cleared his throat, stopping and lowering his head as if uncertain. Fel passed him and stopped- hoof still in mid air at the sight before her.

Juno was crumpled in a heap, shaking and sobbing silently, herbs littering the floor around her. Cuts and scrapes from slamming against the walls littered her body, her eyes were dead. Turning, the pale coated doe looked at her daughter, eyes not even registering her. “You..” she managed to choke, her voice hoarse from screaming, Juno continued, “You were his favorite..” And then the doe began to shake, and crumpled back to the ground. The older chestnut stag couldn’t stop Fel from seeing her mother wolf down herbs as fast as she could, or the way her body convulsed with them. He put his body between the small, fragile Felina and her broken mother, looking at Rhine, “Get her away from here.” He ordered softly.

Fel had never seen such pain before, and her eyes had gone wide. What was Mommy doing? What had happened to her? Why was she covered in cuts and bruises? Taking a half step back, the filly shook her head. Just a bad dream, just a bad dream! Fel couldn’t ignore the noises, of her mother demanding her father’s return, of her screaming and cursing, cursing the gods, cursing her father, the broken hearted lamentation of the doe shattered Fel’s little heart. This wasn’t her Momma. It was some.. some monster. Juno’s tears had run in rivulets down her cheeks too. She had sounded so sad.. so desperate and lonely. Why did Daddy have to leave? Why had Momma eaten those herbs?

Lowering her ears and turning to Rhine, fear and misery bright in her eyes, Fel barely stopped herself from bleating like a newborn fawn out of despair. She wanted her Daddy! She wanted it all to go away! Momma wasn’t supposed to be sad! This wasn’t her Momma! Her Momma was beautiful and strong and polite and a proper doe of the herd; Daddy wasn’t dead! He wasn’t with the gods. It was just some bad dream! “I don’t like this dream Rhine. Make it go away.. Please..” She pleaded brokenly, looking at him as though he could save her from the pain.


Rhine lifted his eyes off the ground as they came to a stop, dreading what he might see. Just as he dreaded… it wasn’t pretty. It was almost...shocking. Never before had he seen someone so broken down, in such a deteriorated mental state. He’d seen his mother break down before, but never, ever like this…. Never… This was the breakdown of a doe who’d lost her world- her beloved mate that treated her right and had loved her with all of his heart.The dark young buck’s ears flicked back against his skull and he looked away as Juno saw her daughter, telling her that she’d been his favorite…

His eyes lifted up once again, just in time to see Juno lunge forward, gulping down the herbs that were scattered apart the ground. His eyes widened with disbelief, jaw dropping open as the buckskin doe began to convulse, flailing wildly upon the ground, limbs jerking, eyes rolling into the back of her head. The next thing he knew the old chestnut stag was telling him to get Felina away. He didn’t respond at first, still in shock but what Juno had just done, until the stag’s words registered and he acted upon them.

His eyes went down to Felina. “Ok, Fel, let’s make it go away. Come on, follow me. We’re going to get away from here and go back to our run.” he nudged the little perlino tenderly, trying to get her to go forwards.

He started forwards, glancing after her to make sure that she was following. He fell into silence, thoughts tracing back to Juno again. The doe had always been strong and beautiful… In a way he’d feared her… But, now she was only just a shell of her former self…
Transition and Tragedy
Featuring Felina| Doe | Herd Member and Rhinestone|Stag|Wanderer
Year 752 of the New Age, Fall
Silver Vale, Silver Thorne

Word count: 4212 

In which, Fel learns about the loss of her father, and Rhine is a youngster of his first Rut~

Kudos to anyone who takes the time to read that wall of text, it's kinda disheartening. 
What's this? by horseanimegirl101
What's this?
Year 760 of the New Age,
Near Silvervale, Silverthorne
Featuring Pharaoh -  Pharaoh | Colt | Herd Member with mentions of Felina 

Featuring the herbs: 
Rosemary - common - Induces calm, slows the senes, a plant used for sacrifice and black magic
Aster Berry tree  - uncommon -  Leaves are a good poultice base, even though they have few medicinal qualities, the texture is apparently good. Flowers can be eaten straight from the tree to help with digestive problems. Berries can be crushed then added to water in small doses to create a detoxifying drink - it will purge all illness from the body, though too strong a dose can cause more damage than good.


The pale colt ambled away from his mother’s thicket curiously. The pale doe was lying down, resting among the embers. Smiling, Momma had given him her leave to go play amongst the other fawns, or to explore. She’d suggested if he had the chance to gather the herb she called “Rosemary” that helped her when her nerves seemed to eat away at her heart. Rarely had the colt seen his mother use any herbs, but when she did it was always with reason. As spring came around, Raoh knew the nerves and anticipation of meeting his little sibling must be hard for Momma. Her belly was swollen, and even in pregnancy she moved in grace- despite being a whole lot slower.

She still tried to play with him, although it was harder and she got tired more quickly. Pharaoh could scarcely contain his excitement at meeting his little sibling. He hoped Momma would give him a little brother, someone to spar with and go on adventures! One day, they could even fight off Blackwood mutts together! When Raoh was big, and had his own rack and was taller than even his Momma, he knew he could be more than just a herd member. He wanted to help the herd, and find ways to protect it. Whenever Momma spoke to him of the future, she only promised him he would find his place as the gods willed it amongst their herd and that whatever to come he would be guided by the gods. Never, even when he begged, did she speak of the father he hoped to find though. Sometimes she made little suggestions that seemed to be filled with sorrow or guilt- though the tall colt never understood why. Momma was a proper doe of Silverthorne, with a pale coat, fire magic and loyalty to her herd and gods. Never did she break any laws, and she would never! Glancing over his shoulder, Pharaoh hoped his mother would be alright for a little while.

The suggestion about the herb made him wonder if he ought to do that. Momma was always doing nice things for him, surprising him with tasty leaves or grasses, letting him sleep in the comfiest places in the thicket- he ought to do something for her too. Springing forward, practically dancing into a lope, he raced through the meadow alongside his mother’s thicket before beginning to come to trees and bushes of all sorts. Gazing up at them curiously, he wondered what each one was, what they did and how they were used. Momma said herbalists used herbs to help heal others, and to make charms to make their soldiers stronger and magic more powerful. Could Pharaoh do such things one day maybe too? All the other colts loved sparring and playing war, Blackwood Raiders and Soldiers! Raoh did too, but the tall colt also enjoyed walking amongst the forest and plains with his mother and hearing about the growth all around them. Maybe he just had a thirst for knowledge, as his mother called it, but the dark maned colt wondered if he could have a future helping the herd not only by protecting it, but by healing it too, and keeping it healthy. Startled by the guilt it brought upon himself, Raoh wondered if he would be shamed for the thoughts. Momma would know what to do, wouldn’t she?

Lowering his nose, the colt began to investigate the surrounding bushes. Slowly moving in between each, he tried to begin to tell the differences between each one. This was one too tall, too spiny, too small, and too soft. Frowning with concentration, the colt’s tail swayed to and fro as he wracked his brain for the names and roles each plant played. He needed Rosemary! Momma had asked him to try and find it if he could remember it, and Raoh was going to do it even if it took him all day. Pawing through the dry dirt, shaking his mane and taking a deep breath he tried to remember everything his Momma had told him about Rosemary. Purple flowers, poky needle like leaves, and woody Momma had said. Small flowers, lived in dry foresty areas. It grew all over the place, she had said and was fairly easy to find in large quantities.

As the day continued to go on, the tall colt began to grow discouraged but continued searching. He swore he could smell the herb- honest he could! Pharaoh didn’t realize he’d passed the same rosemary bush several times in the course of the day- until he ran smack into it once more. This time, the colt realized brightly that he had finally found the ONLY Rosemary bush within 2 strides of where he had been looking. To his immense embarrassment, as it dawned on him what the bush was- he realized it was surrounded by others of its kind as well in various stages of growth.

Proudly, the pale colt took a couple of sprigs from the biggest bush, carrying them in his mouth and beginning to prance back towards him. Dusk had already fallen, and he knew his Momma was apt to worry first and ask questions later. Rushing towards the safety of his thicket, Pharaoh smiled around the mouthful of spiny leaves despite the discomfort- he’d actually been able to do it all by himself! Momma would be so proud of him, and it’d help her he hoped. Maybe she hadn’t worried too much, right? Rushing towards the entrance of the thicket, he saw the silhouette of his mother standing, looking worried half to death. “Mermah!” Pharaoh shouted around the mouthful of herbs.

“Pharaoh!” Felina scolded with worry, rushing over to her son and thoroughly nuzzling him as though assuring herself e was alright. Raoh grinned proudly up at his mother, waiting for her to notice the sprigs sticking out of his mouth at every odd angle. “You’re filthy! Where have you been all day- Rosemary..?” His mother’s bright blue eyes lost the worry for a moment, and the emotion was filled with pride and affection for her only son. “You got me Rosemary?” She asked, lowering her head to nudge his cheek proudly. “You must have had to work very hard to find it.” Pharaoh nodded, not admitting there had been a variety of the bushes all around them. Instead he simply smiled proudly, puffing up his chest, “Someone’s gotta take care of you afterall!” He announced, dropping the sprigs near his mother’s feathered hooves. Fel smiled sweetly, “And that you do, my son, and that you do.” She chuckled. 

Word Count: 1102 + 2 

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